Chiropractic Care and Herniated Discs

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Chiropractic Care and Herniated Discs

Diagram of herniated disc in spinal cloumn

A spinal disc is made out of two main parts: The nucleus pulposus, which is the inner jelly- like layer located in the center of the disc, and the annulus fibrosus, which are the thick ligament-like outer most layers. These two parts help the spine with their movement, flexibility and also provide support throughout the entire vertebrae. Disc degeneration or trauma to the disc can cause the nucleus to become herniated and the inner jelly can leak out of the outer layers and into the spinal canal. When pressure from the fluid is put on the nerves in the spine or any type of pinching or pressure is placed on the spine caused from the herniation, it can cause pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness along the nerve that is being irritated. For example, if the herniated disc happens amongst the lumbar spine, it can cause pain that radiates down the sciatic nerve (often causing sciatica).

There are many treatment options for herniated discs. The main goal of treatment for each patient suffering from the herniation is to relieve pain and discomfort as well as other symptoms that may be caused by the herniated disc. Each treatment plan for a patient suffering from a herniated disc should individualized based on the source and severity of the pain and the symptoms experienced by the patient. In the beginning stages of a herniated disc, a non-surgical treatment such as Chiropractic treatments with Dr. Sean Jenkins, DC is the recommended therapeutic option. Research shows for lumbar and cervical herniated discs, Chiropractic Care treatment at Jenkins Chiropractic for about four to six weeks can severely reduce aching and discomfort.

Dr. Sean Jenkins, DC is known for evaluating the entire spine, and will do so during your visit to determine your disc herniation. For less extreme cases, by determining your herniated disc, Dr. Sean Jenkins, DC will develop an individualized treatment plan that can include a number of things. To start, at Jenkins Chiropractic, we are skilled in gently stretching your spine. This treatment is designed to create space between the vertebrae, allowing for pressure relief on previously compressed nerves. Another treatment option provided by Dr. Sean Jenkins, DC is spinal manipulation, a hands-on therapy that includes osteopathy, chiropractic therapy and physical therapy. Dr. Sean Jenkins, DC may also feel the need to add low force and gentle chiropractic techniques that will help ease your herniated disc symptoms. Treatments such as manual therapy, therapeutic exercises and stretching, and massage therapy can all help the herniated disc and the symptoms that follow. Dr. Sean Jenkins, DC at Jenkins Chiropractic will specify your treatment plan based on your level of pain, activity and overall health. Call or visit Jenkins Chiropractic in Casa Grande today to take the first step towards pain relief and ultimate wellness!


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