Chiropractic Testimonials

"I was experiencing back pain and hip pain for 3 years. I got in touch with a chiropractor in Casa Grande to get a bit of relief from pain and sleepless nights. I have to tell you, I have a new found respect for chiropractic doctors now. I started going to Jenkins Chiropractor in November of 2020 twice a week. Because after his first treatment I felt sooo much better. Not only did Dr. Sean readjust my back but he also gave me exercise to complete at home. I did those exercises faithfully everyday to minimize the pain. After about four weeks of treatments I felt great I could ride my bike without experiencing the pain. You see I am 70 years of age and I want to stay active, stay healthy and enjoy the years I have left. Thank you Dr. Sean Jenkins, I look forward to all my future treatments. Life is better when it’s painless."

- Maximo D.

"Omgoodness! I am a licensed massage therapist who worked for a chiropractor and I have never been to one like Dr Jenkins! I loved my chiropractor who just retired but I love this man too! I am in 0 pain right now!!! Do not pass up an opportunity to see this Dr!"

- Unice M.

"Dr. Sean is a miracle worker! He assessed my condition and we began treatment with regular visits and at-home exercises. Today, I’m pain free and continue my regular stretching. I go to the office as needed.

Dr. Sean always asks how I’m doing and how I’ve been since my last visit. He listens and offers advice on how to make the most out of my treatment (sleeping positions, frequency of stretching and sitting, etc.).

The office staff is friendly and accommodating. Most of the time I did not have a long wait as is usual at offices. But Dr. Sean is becoming so popular that wait times have increase slightly, from no wait until about fifteen minutes maximum. But well worth the wait. If you’re considering a chiropractor, see Dr. Jenkins!!"

- Stacy L.

"Dr. Sean Jenkins was put on our suffering earth by God. He is a highly skilled kind hearted professional who truly cares about people in pain. I feel blessed to have found him for treatment."

- Donna M.

"My daughter and I are both clients of Dr. Jenkins. He is amazing, caring, friendly and professional. Jen, who works at the front desk, is amazing, friendly, caring, and professional. We are returning clients and will continue seeing him until whenever."

- Kimberly M.

"I really messed up my back in National Pickleball Tournament. Could get out of bed or walk for several days. Dr. Jenkins had me back up and playing in four days. Five treatments and everything was great. Good place as far as I’m concerned. Did the same and more than my guy at home. Great job!"

- Dan H.

"I am an out of towner that called short notice. Doc fit me in quickly and his adjustments helped me survive 2 straight weeks of skydiving. Great front desk gal and clean, professional place. Couldn’t be more grateful."

- Lucien T.

"Doc Jenkins is definitely the place to go; they are warm, welcoming, funny and most of all, very knowledgeable. You WILL get treated right there! Cheers!"

- Donn W.

"OMG! I know everyone is tired of me praising doctor Jenkins but he is a Saint he has totally changed my life And I’m not exaggerating when I say that . The very 1st time he treated me I could tell he was different, I had been to other chiropractors who I thought were amazing until experiencing doctor Jenkins he just has something in him that Treats your ailments and he actually cares about you and your health. I had no idea how miserable I was until I went to him my internal functions are completely normal now I have gone off of my thyroid medicine I tell you if your body is not in tune it’s not gonna run right. I’m just sorry that my treatment is coming to an end and I feel fabulous."

- Kim M.

"I wouldn’t trust anyone else to work on my back and neck but Dr. Jenkins. I highly recommend him for your back or neck issues."

- Renee R.

"Dr. Jenkins was someone I was recommended to by a close family friend in regards to my neck problems after a minor car crash I was involved in recently. It was hard for me to sleep at night and I couldn’t really move my neck fully to the left. I scheduled an appointment and it took a day for me to be seen. The office itself was very welcoming and pleasant. The experience as far as the chiropractic went was even better, I had a nice adjustment to get my neck fully operational again. It has been about a week and I still feel no discomfort at all so I’m a happy camper."

- Ramon B.

"Best place to go , very friendly, and knows what hes doing. wouldnt go any other place have been going for years"

- Priscilla B.

"I definitely recommend Dr. Jenkins. Have been coming to this office for about 2 1/2 months now and my back is much better. My headaches are gone. The staff is very friendly and professional. Thank you Dr. Jenkins!"

- Martha A.

"He was very efficient in his exam and treatment."

- Belinda D.

"Great chiropractor. Made me feel completely normal again as if I was never in a car accident. ( rear ended)."

- Victor C.

"Always a pleasure, Dr Jenkins has been working with my boyfriend for years. They have an amazing payment plan, and the scheduling is so easy. The lady’s that work the front are always so helpful and full of smiles."

- Penny V.

"I came here years ago while Dr Jenkins was still moving into his office. I was visiting family from out of town so, I wasn’t able to see my regular chiropractor. Dr Jenkins was very thorough & very effective relieving my neck pain & my visit with family was all the more enjoyable. I ALWAYS recommend him when others in the CG area are looking for a good Chiropractor! Thank you Dr. Jenkins!"

- Jessica B.

"My experience was amazing!! I strongly recommend him and his business. I have recommended my parents, my boss, my sister, and my boyfriend! I was afraid of adjusting my neck but he educated me on it and then I felt comfortable to do it ! Need less to say I don’t mind it anymore ."

- Lily L.

"I love dr jenkins. He got me in today and I feel so much better. He takes his time and really spends the time making sure he helps you"

- Diane Rebel R.

"Best chiropractor in Az. when Sean took the office over. I had my concerns until I had him treat me for lower back pain. I was sold."

- Jim J.

"When my husband and I finished our move from California to Casa Grande, we went looking for a chiropractor. When we found Jenkins Chiropractic, we knew we had struck gold. The entire staff is friendly and efficient. We like that they get us in when we need it, the treatments are explained and well-executed, and we leave feeling better. Highly recommend this office to anyone searching for chiropractic healthcare."

- Mary Cloud B.

"Dr Jenkins is amazing, he truly wants to make your body feel better and I have definitely seen and felt the improvement.."

- Carrie L.

"I only come down with my lady so she can been seen for her neck and back. But I like to come cause he is very informational when it comes to questions."

- Tyler R.

"Being from out of state if was imperative that we found a good chiropractor. Not only did we find a good one, we believe we found a great one!

I have been suffering through our move to Casa Grande putting things away, unpacking, moving, etc. But because we didn’t know anyone, we couldn’t get a recommendation.

Saw the ad for Jenkins Chiropractic and decided to take the chance. Was well worth it! Dr. Jenkins is very personable and in just two short weeks has helped immensely with the sciatic pain going down my leg and my toes being numb. I still have a long way to go, but I’m getting there. I’m to blame for waiting so long from the initial start. The last time I saw my chiropractor back home was in September so I was long over due!

My husband also was in need of some care and Dr. Jenkins is also helping him. Because we both had this time frame of not being seen by anyone, Dr. Jenkins had his work cut out for him.

Things are looking up for both of us and we would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of chiropractic care. To get us to both sit for any length of time is amazing. To get us both to sleep better than before, again amazing.

We will continue to go and hopefully get to our maintenance stage. Don’t hesitate to see Dr. Jenkins as your care provider. Your back and body will thank you!!"

- Karen Y.

"I started seeing Dr. Jenkins 3 years ago, due to car accident, not to mention the headaches I had been enduring for over 10 years! After only a few months of regular treatments and adjustments, I was free from excruciating headaches, only occasional episodes. Now, after 3 years, headache are pains of the past! Quality of live has improved 100%! The regular visits were the key! Now I go every 3-4 weeks, and I am still headache free! His knowledge, experience and genuine care for his patients wellbeing is exceptional. Also, never any long waiting in waiting room! The staff and Doctor respect patients time"

- Gabriele Geres-R.

"Dr Sean is one of the best chiropractors I have ever been adjusted by…and I have been adjusted a lot! I would recommend him for any chiropractic need! Heck for any health or health care issue, he is very knowledgable"

- Joseph S.


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